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We're sure you can't wait to get started, but please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the game's rules and definitions below.

How to Play

Before starting, you must register with Abyssinia Bet or log in with your existing Abyssinia Bet account details and have a HelloCash account to make payment.


You must have submitted your predictions for matches and paid your entry at least one hour before the scheduled kick-off time of the first match of your selection.

Prizes for regular games and jackpot games

Prizes for regular games and jackpot games are paid out when you have successfully predicted all matches on your ticket.

Prize amounts are displayed in the platform and are based on the stake amount and the users selection.

Guaranteed Prizes

Abyssinia Bet takes pride in being Ethiopia’s leading sportsbetting operators and offers guaranteed prizes at least once a month.

Guaranteed Prizes are paid out on games where nobody has successfully predicted the outcome of the game and are calculated as follows:

  • 1st best entry: 50% of guaranteed prize
  • 2nd best entry: 30% of guaranteed prize
  • 3rd best entry: 20% of guaranteed prize

The amount of the guaranteed prize is 5% of the total earnings for the period with a maximum of 250K BIRR (unless stated otherwise).

Abyssinia Bet will notify their users when a game has a Guaranteed Prize.

Terms and Conditions

Last updated: 26th December 2018

The following Terms and Conditions constitute an agreement between the Entrants, the Promoter and the Publisher.

It is important that Entrants read them carefully and understand what they mean. By entering into the Game, Entrants confirm their complete understanding and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

Lion Enterprises B.V., Abyssinia Betting and Abyssinia Bet the right to update or amend these Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice and your continued participation in the Game will constitute acceptance of such updated or amended Terms and Conditions.

1. Definitions

Game: The different game options offered by Abyssinia Bet

Websites: &

Entrants: Registered users of the Abyssinia Bet website who make an entry into Abyssinia Bet

Stake amount: The amount that is staked on a specific Game entry

Entry: A paid and confirmed entry into the Game made by the Entrant

Ticket: The confirmation of your Entry

2. Rules and Entry

Instructions about How to Play and enter Abyssinia Bet.

Entrants must enter using an original entry form from the Game Website,

Entrants are allowed to make one Entry for each Game included in the game (subject to these Terms and Conditions).

The Promoter and the Publisher will not be held responsible for entries lost or distorted in transfer. Proof of magnetic transcript is not accepted as proof of entry. Entries will be withdrawn and disqualified if payment is not cleared timely and in full.

Employees, their relatives and agents of Abyssinia Betting, Lion Enterprises B.V. and their respective affiliates may play the Game but may not claim any of the prizes.

VIA THE INTERNET or Mobile Application: Go to and/or download and use the Mobile Application and follow the onscreen instructions. Online entries (and any subsequent changes i.e. predictions) must be made manually by the user via the online form available on the website. Any use of automated processes to take part in this competition is forbidden, and any user suspected of using automated processes may have their entries deleted. This is at the discretion of the Promoter or Lion Enterprises B.V., and their decision of the Promoter is final.

Entry to the Game is by completing the required details on the game webpage available at The Promoter does not accept responsibility for network, computer or software failures of any kind, which may restrict or delay the sending or receipt of your messages or entries. Proof of sending is not proof of receipt.

3. Prizes

In the event of multiple jackpot (The Prize) or Gauranteed Prize winners (The Prize), the Prize will go to the entry with the largest original stake amount. In case of multiple winners with the same stake amount The Prize will be split evenly between the winning entrants.

The winners will be notified by email or telephone within 30 days of the closing date.

No more than one prize may be won per unique Entry, per round.

Abyssinia Bet, Abyssinia Betting or Lion Enterprises B.V. reserves the right to substitute the predictor prize for a prize of equivalent or greater monetary value if this is necessary for reasons beyond its control.

Except in the case of death or personal injury arising from its negligence or in respect of fraud and so far as is permitted by law, Lion Enterprises B.V., Abyssinia Betting, Abyssinia Bet and each of their associated companies and agents exclude responsibility and all liabilities arising from any postponement, cancellation, delay or changes to the prize details beyond their control and for any act or default of any third party supplier.

The terms and conditions of any other third party supplier will also apply to the prize where applicable. If there is a conflict between third party terms and conditions and these terms and conditions, these shall take precedence.

Lion Enterprises B.V., Abyssinia Betting and Abyssinia Bet will not be liable for any prize(s) that do not reach the winners for reasons beyond their reasonable control.

If the winners cannot be contacted within a reasonable time period or are not able or available to accept the prize for any reason which is beyond the reasonable control of Lion Enterprises B.V., Abyssinia Betting or Abyssinia Bet, then it reserves the right to award the prize to another entrant.

Lion Enterprises B.V., Abyssinia Betting or Abyssinia Bet' decision is final and binding in all respects on all entrants. No correspondence will be entered into. Entries that do not comply in full with these entry terms and conditions will be disqualified.

The name, country and photograph of the winners may be used by Abyssinia Bet and its associated companies for post-event publicity purposes. The winners agree to allow Lion Enterprises B.V., Abyssinia Betting or Abyssinia Bet to use their name, image and likeness for advertising and publicity purposes without additional remuneration.

Lion Enterprises B.V., Abyssinia Betting or Abyssinia Bet may refuse or disqualify any entry (including winning entries) if the entrant concerned or anyone authorised by the entrant to deal with their entry, acts in a way towards Lion Enterprises B.V., Abyssinia Betting or Abyssinia Bet' staff which it reasonably considers to be inappropriate, unlawful or offensive. If the winning entry is disqualified Lion Enterprises B.V., Abyssinia Betting or Abyssinia Bet reserves the right to award the prize to another entrant.

Winners will not be allowed to win more than one prize per Entry.

Entrants will be deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions and agreed to be bound by them when entering this Game.

This Game, and any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with it, shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Ethiopian law. You irrevocably agree that the courts of Ethiopia shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute or claim that arises out of or in connection with this Game.

4. Match events and outcomes

Official Result stands


The outcome of a bet is based on the result achieved on the field. Later decisions taken by disciplinary, sports or legal bodies and affecting or amending the result achieved on the field will not be taken into consideration.

Starting Times

All match information, dates and times published by Abyssinia Bet are published using its best efforts. If the time or date of a betting event is incorrectly listed, all bets accepted before the beginning of the event and confirmed by the Company shall be considered valid.

If a home team chooses to play at a venue other than their official one, it will be considered the home team and no (n) sign will be used.

Time Display

All indicated dates and times are Eastern African Time (GMT+3).

Abandoned Matches


An abandoned match is one that kicks off but does not reach its natural conclusion within 24 hours.

If kickoff is rescheduled to within 24 hours of the original kickoff time then all bets stand.

If it is not rescheduled to be played Abyssinia Bet will remove that match from the Game Entry with the potential win amount recalculated.

Neutral Venues

If the match takes place in a neutral venue, the first mentioned team on our site will be considered the home team and the second mentioned team will be considered the away team. Such matches will be indicated by (n).

Postponed Matches

A postponed match is one that does not start at the scheduled time, where the kickoff is postponed to a later time or date.

If kickoff is rescheduled to within 24 hours of the original kickoff time then all bets stand.

If it is not rescheduled to be played Abyssinia Bet will remove that match from the Game Entry with the potential win amount recalculated.

Resulting of Matches 

The outcome of a bet on a football (soccer) event is based on the scheduled minutes of play plus any added injury time. This is sometimes referred to as ‘Normal Time’ or ’90 minutes’. Unless otherwise stated for specific game types, overtime and penalty shoot outs will not affect the outcome of the bet.

Impact of match events

Abyssinia Bet reserves the right to cancel and refund entries based on the number of abandoned or postponed matches in a game round.